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Dear Parents

     A great place to start the journey toward a healthier child is to purchase  Tummy Ninja Vs. the Stomach Virus.  When he or she meets Miles, the Tummy Ninja, your child will start to realize that what he or she puts into his or her mouths affects our strength and immune system.  It is a perfect way to start.  As you explain what a food is good for, you can explain how it helps the Tummy Ninjas in your child's stomach fight off germs.  This little visual and point of reference has helped so many kids in my life, and it motivated them to have healthy relationships with food.  Click below to purchase the book.

Dear Parents,

    Here at Tummy Ninjas, we know that it is hard to convince kids to drop the processed sweets and pick up healthier options such as fruits and veggies.  We are passionate about teaching children at a young age to appreciate and even CRAVE that fresh, healthy food.  It is possible!  We believe that it is necessary to encourage healthy habits at an early age so that your child can grow up to be an adult who is at a healthy weight and free from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other illnesses.

     Children can't just be told to "eat this healthy food". They need to be educated as to why they should be eating it.  In my years of teaching and being a mother, I have learned that when you explain WHY a food is good for them and what it actually does to benefit the body, they become interested in it and aware of the choices they make.  For example, you can explain that a bananas increase their endurance, give them energy, and make them better athletes.  This will pop back into their heads when they are making the next snack decision.  

     Coming soon to our Tummy Ninja Shop:  We will offer adorable clothing items featuring the super cool Tummy Ninja characters.  You can also purchase Tummy Ninja wristbands. It is my hope that the wristband will serve as a positive reminder for your child throughout the day.

     Homeschooling parents, we care about your children's education in all subjects.  Click on the link below to find elementary lessons that get your kids moving while learning.  

     Finally for more great tips for getting the entire family fit and healthy, check out my blog.   

     Good luck on your journey toward a healthier future for your family.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.  The Tummy Ninjas are always on your side. 


                                                                                                                               The Tummy Ninja Team

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